Current cluster members

 Professor Eric T. MeyerProfessor Eric T. Meyer
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Senior Research Fellow

Professor Meyer is Senior Research Fellow and Director of Graduate Studies at the OII. His research in the field of social informatics focuses on the changing nature of knowledge creation across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities as technology is embedded in everyday practices.

 Dr Kathryn EcclesDr Kathryn Eccles
Research Fellow, Digital Humanities Champion

Kathryn Eccles has research interests in the impact of new technologies on public engagement with cultural heritage, and on scholarly behaviour and research in the Humanities. Kathryn was recently appointed as the University’s first Digital Humanities Champion.

 Professor Ralph SchroederProfessor Ralph Schroeder
MSc Programme Director, Senior Research Fellow
Ralph Schroeder has interests in virtual environments, social aspects of e-Science, sociology of science and technology, and has written extensively about virtual reality technology. His current research is mainly related to e-science.

 Dr Isis HjorthDr Isis Hjorth

Isis is a cultural sociologist focusing on emerging practices associated with networked technologies. She is currently researching microwork and virtual production networks in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.


Former cluster members

 Josh CowlsJosh Cowls

Research Assistant

Josh Cowls works on the Accessing and Using Big Data to Advance Social Science Knowledge project, having previously completed an MSc at the OII.

 Heather Ford

Heather Ford
DPhil Student

Heather Ford is a DPhil student who studies how Wikipedians write history as it happens. Her research covers online collaboration, conflict, historiography, alternative media, the Arab Spring and intellectual property rights.